Our programmes

Children bridge school Chattanahalli:
VIKASANA is running Children bridge school at Chattanahalli village to provide educational support to children who had educational gap due to worked as child labour, school drop outs, domestic worker, street children, orphan, single parent and children from marginalized and poor families. Children were made access to efficient shelter, nutritional food, reading, learning materials, teaching aids and even playing materials with the support of Anna Schmidt School, Frankfurt through KKS, Germany. For more information follow link to view our annual report 

Bridge school Duglapura (Asha for Education) 
Just a 13 km distance from Tarikere town, a children rehabilitation bridge school is running by VIKASANA in Duglapura village with the support of ASHA for Education, Seattle. The center is giving importance to provide education, nurture systematic daily routine, progressive activities, systems and qualities in implementation of relevant measures aiming at overall well being of all children learning the bridge school. For more information follow link to view our annual report 

Child Sponsorship Programme
Three girl children from the most backward families received educational assistance under the child sponsorship programme supported by Karl Kubel Stiftung, Germany and individual donors from Germany. Ms.Shruthi Bai, completed GNM Nursing, Ms.Supriya completed +2 Science and Ms.Shilpa studying final year engineering. For more information follow link to view our annual report

Micro finance through SANGAMITRA FINANCE & ICICI Bank:    
To help people to overcome from financial sufferings, VIKASANA managing Micro finance programme in association with SANGAMITRA FINANCE and ICICI Bank; We mobilized linkage services to SHGs taking consideration of further economical development. So far we mobilized 40 Lakh from Sangamitra finance for 26 SHGs in 27 villages of Kadur blocks and 24 lakh from ICICI bank loans for 18 SHGs in 11 villages of Kadur and Tarikere blocks. This entire loan invested for children education, house construction, toilet construction, income generation means, horticulture development, fruit crops, agriculture and economical improvement activities. 100% repayment of the old loan done and new loans were provided again. More information follow link to view our annual report (add here photo 4 ) 

Strengthening Federation and Capacity Building of Elected Women Leaders towards Advocacy and Action
Strengthening federation and capacity building of elected women leaders towards advocacy and action was the main programmatic objective to involve the elected women representatives in the development process. This initiative was financially supported by the THE HUNGER PROJECT, Bangalore. The series of workshop, trainings and short meetings called and strengthened the voice of 327 elected women representative in the radius of 129 Grampanchayaths from 09 working blocks of Chikmagalur, Shimoga, Hassan and Davangere districts. For more information follow link to view our annual report

Drought relief project 
VIKASANA is implementing a project titled "Enhancing local capacities to fight against the drought situation in 20 villages of Kadur block, Chikmagalore district" since April 2014 with the financial support from Karl Kubel Stiftung (KKS), Germany and BMZ, Germany. The main objective of the intervention is to make an active contribution to reducing poverty and improving the living conditions of 1598 poor small farmer families of the lowest castes in rural areas of Chikmagalore District, Karnataka state. The measure of project intrusion is started to enhance the capacities of local people who come collectively, learn sustainable knowledge and adopt drought relief measures that could lead to change the life of the poor and marginalized people living in the area. For more information follow link to view our annual report      

Integrated Tribal Development Programme (TDF-NABARD)
“Integrated Tribal development programme” is implementing in Koppa and Shirngeir block of Chikmagalur district since May 2011, with a view to ensure sustainable economic improvement of tribal communities. NABARD Bangalore is provided financial assistance to reach the development services to 435 Tribal families so far. All these families cooperated actively with the project activities and sustained at the possible extent. For more information follow link to view our annual report 

Bio-sand water technology programme
With an overall objective of easy access to safe and sustainable drinking water through Bio-sand water filters, a fresh intervention implemented in 03 villages of Kalkere Gram panchayath, Kadur block, Chikmagalur district. A financial assistance and technical guidance supported by People for progress in India (PPI), Seattle, WA. 80 Beneficiaries happily drink the bio-sand filtered water that made reduction of waterborne diseases. It was also ensured continuous availability of safe purified bio-sand water for better living condition of these rural lives. For more information follow link to view our annual report 

Project Axhaya (To control tuberculosis)
Organization continued the flow of campaign subject to generate awareness on Tuberculosis and RNTCP, to reinforce the messages on TB and addresses misconceptions identified among village circles. GKS village meetings, strengthen referral services, sputum testing and hand bills promotions were the key component initiated in more than 72 villages which are considered as poor performance area. With the support of CHAI Secunderabad and coordination of district coordinator have enabled successful implementation of the intervention. For more information follow link to view our annual report 

Promotion of Herbal Medicines  
VIKASANA is putting efforts to encourage the practices of traditional/herbal medicines to control dependency on high cost English medicines. The activities like: Awareness generation, exhibition on herbal medicine, identification of local Nativaidyas and provide medicinal services were the major activities benefited to 640 people from 18 backward villages. Still the rural nativaidyas have rendered services to large number of people who victim of disease either from cough, cold, gastric and many others. Besides, an herbal garden development and maintenance as well as conservation of medicinal plants were other key focal areas focused. For more information follow link to view our annual report 

NABARD – Village Development Programme –Hosahalli
Since 2010, the Village Development Programme is being implemented in Hosahalli village of Tarikere taluk, Chikmagalur district in financial assistance from NABARD, Bangalore. Formation of VDC, training and capacity building, exposure visit, introduce of vermi compost, smokeless chullas, water filters and convergence to many government schemes benefited by 165 families. They are well aware about their participation and cooperation in the integrated development of their village. For more information follow link to view our annual report 

Tree plantation programme for reduction carbon emission
With the concrete aim of reduce the generation of CARBON EMMISSION through action of promoting tree plantation, VIKASANA working in 03 villages of Duglapura cluster with the support of PPI, Seattle, WA. 658 Rural poor in project villages have understood the importance of environment protection and contributed their cooperation in successful implementation and monitoring of this programme. For more information follow link to view our annual report (add here photo 12)  

Begur watershed program FIP Phase (NABARD)
A Full implementation phase is being implemented in Begur village with the support of NABARD Bangalore. It was connected farmers to experience the sustainable benefits in dry land followed by management of water and soil for improved yield productivity, the project implemented in Begur, Muguli, Gadihalli, Mylanahalli and Guddadahalli village of Tarikere taluk that benefited to 370 families. The activities such as capacity building training, exposures, sharing experience, motivation meetings, placement of earthen bunds, farm ponds were invited to strengthen the watershed implementation effectively. For more information follow link to view our annual report (add here photo 13) 

Savayava Bhagya Yojane: 
With the success of Organic Village / Site Programme in 100ha, the department of agriculture has been decided and extended the implementation of Savaya Bhagya Yojane at Hobli level. VIKASANA was chosen to implement this programme in Chikkathuru/ Yelugere, K.Gollarahalli, Hanuvanahalli, Muguli and Kesaru koppa villages of Tarikere taluk and Gubbiga village of N.R.Pura taluk, Chikmagalur district. Awareness generation, training and capacity building, promotion of vermi compost, pest and disease management, crop management, livelihood security, and organic certification are the main activities in the process. For more information follow link to view our annual report (add here photo 14)  

Bio-diversity management programme 
VIKASANA is implementing Bio-diversity management programme in Chikmagalur and Mudigere block, with a view to promote the awareness on need of Bio-diversity management and formation of Bio-diversity management committees. 02 Awareness programmes on bio-diversity management were successfully concluded in Chikmagalur and Mudigere with participation of 100 members from taluk level officials, taluk panchyath elected representatives and farmers were made this programme successful. Besides, the formation of bio-diversity management committee is under process. For more information follow link to view our annual report (add here photo 15)

Promotion of handicrafts design and development  
In order to ensure promotion and development of disappearing traditional handicrafts in rural villages aiming at the benefit of needy artisans community; VIKASANA is implementing a AHVY and Non AHVY Schemes in Chikmagalur district, Karnataka with the grant support from office of development commissioner (Handicrafts), Mangalore. Formation of 14 artisans groups, baseline study of 229 artisan’s families, design and technical development workshop for 30 artisans, large group discussion, and development of identity cards for 90 artisans were completed till now. For more information follow link to view our annual report (add here photo 16)    

Bridge Builder Programme (BBP) 

Welt waerts coordinated “Bridge Builder Programme hosted by VIKASANA since past five years, Ms.Julia Andrea Kast and Ms.Alena Maika Jahns, active volunteers from Germany are preferred to get broader insight on inter cultural exchanges, living life style, traditional practices and customs in India including rural development activities through a well scheduled volunteership over the period of seven months. They involved themselves to interaction with children and community, learning and teaching, government school visits, understanding about Indian traditional customs and cultural practices, festival celebration, extra curriculum activities, wall painting, documentation and case study were undertaken effectively which have been positively impacted on children as well as volunteers. For more information follow link to view our annual report (add here photo 17)   


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