About us


VIKASANA, a non-profit entity functioning since 1988-89 with a focus on children education, women empowerment, panchayath raj strengthening, youth empowerment, food and nutrition security, drought relief, organic agriculture, resource conservation, watershed management, bio-diversity conservation, carbon reduction, promotion of handicrafts, promotion of herbal medicine, community health & sanitation initiatives still reaching for the development of needy and downtrodden community.    


VIKASANA envisions  holistic  development through  maximum  integration of all  activities  in  order to  ensure  progress among the  rural and urban poor.


VIKASANA exists to facilitate empowering process of the poor in social development through sustainable improvement in the livelihood and socio-economic status and self-reliance of the under-privileged sections of society. 

Our Appeal for the cause

VIKASANA seeks the valuable support and contribution from individual donors, companies, funding agencies and others to fund for following programs aimed at bettering the lot of the deprived sections of society.  
  • Children education programme 
  • Poverty Alleviation programs 
  • Livelihood changing  
  • Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention  
  • NRM/Sustainable food security and nutritional development  
  • Global warming/ Climatic change         

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